Casper City council addressed briefly Tuesday the question of off-peak flashing traffic signals.

The topic came forward, in response to confusion expressed by some drivers unsure of  flashing light protocol. The flashing signal program, according to Public Services Director, Gary Clough,  has actually been in place for some 20 years, but in 2008 was extended to earlier  evening and weekend hours, particularly downtown where traffic drops to a minimum.

Clough says the program benefits both drivers and city coffers; for drivers in reduced drive times, for the city in a reduction in energy costs, increased signal bulb life, and other environmental positives, "A reduction in carbon emission from vehicles sitting and idling, waiting at signals that may not have been necessary at certain times of the day.  A reduction in fuel wasted while sitting at intersections."

City Council agreed to keep the flashing signal program in place and suggested some driver re-education may be in order.