The Farmers Market at the Natrona County Agricultural  Resource and Learning Center in Casper got an early start this year and now organizers there have agreed to extend it an extra week.

"The vendors actually suggested and requested that we go an additional week."

Horticulturalist, Donna Cuin, says the Saturday market on Fairgrounds Road would have ended on the 22nd of September, but will now it will run through the month, with the last market happening on the 29th.

She adds that, if you go, don't be confused by the road work going on in front of the building. There is plenty of parking.  Just follow the directions of volunteers in place to guide you.

Casper's Downtown Farmers Market wrapped up this past Tuesday, but this coming Monday, September 10th, at the Natrona County library there's, what Market spokesperson, Jane Ifland,  calls the season-ending wrap-up get together. She says it's a social event mixed with some business.

"The market's been running for about five years and some of the people who have been principally responsible for the organizing end of its success are kind of looking to step back."

Ifland says, while volunteer opportunities will be one focus of the evening, it's also a chance to meet and mix with like minded people, talk about where the markets been, and make suggestions for its future.

That get together is Monday at the Natrona County Public Library, in the Crawford room,  6pm.