The Wyoming Game and Fish Department stocked nearly 50,000 channel catfish in Casper Region waters in early May. The fish were stocked in local waters like Bryan Stock Trail Reservoir, Big Muddy Pond and Guernsey Slough. The fish were about four inches when stocked and will need a little time to grow before they are catchable size.

Janet Milek, information specialist in the Casper Region for Game and Fish said,

“Good numbers of channel catfish have been difficult to obtain for several years, so we are excited about the opportunity this provides anglers, Catfish grow slowly in our cool Wyoming waters, but anglers will have fun catching these fish in future years.”

The Game and Fish trades trout eggs with other states and receives warm water species, like channel catfish, in return. The channel catfish were part of a trade with Nebraska and came from the North Platte Fish Hatchery. Trading eggs allows the Game and Fish to provide Wyoming anglers an opportunity to catch fish that might not otherwise be available in our state. Wyoming’s trout eggs are valued throughout the nation for their certified disease free status.