Casper Police are working on getting out and about more often in the community.

Officers are conducting a 24 hour mobile precinct, so that neighborhood residents can talk to the police about local crime problems, such as burglaries and drugs.

Lieutenant Steve Schultz says it's also a way for the department to be more approachable.

Schultz: "We're here for the community, we're here for the public, to show them that we're actually here as opposed to the guys in their cars, just driving from 1 call to the next call and actually not stopping to talk to anybody. They're going to be around to talk to people and address their issues and needs and the success you have, the officers out here and the citizens actually see that we're here for them as opposed to just, well they never listen to us or they don't see us."

The department's mobile command vehicle will be located near the intersection of "L" and Kimball Streets, until noon on Wednesday (August 24th).