Casper police have arrested 1 man in connection to a fire that occurred in the Casper paradise valley area this past weekend.

Casper Fire E.M.S. along with Casper police were called to a report of a fire near the intersection of Robertson Road and Buckboard Drive on Saturday afternoon (September 10th).

Several witnesses told police they saw a fire start in some bushes near an apartment building and saw Paul Gutshall walking away from the area with a rake, a red gas can and a blue plastic container.

When interviewed by police, Gutshall said he was moving firewood in the area and that the fire was possibly started by a cigarette that he had recently disposed of and he was attempting to put out the fire.

Firefighters told police they smelled a strong odor of gasoline in the area, and investigators collected soil samples, which tested positive for ignitable liquids.

In a second interview with police, Mr. Gutshall said the gas can was normally kept in a storage room and also said he didn't remember being interviewed by officers the first time.

His wife told police that Mr. Gutshall was recently diagnosed with a number of strokes and had not been remembering things for a number of months.

Mr. Gutshall was arrested and charged by police with third degree arson.