Three of Casper’s four outdoor swimming pools will be open by Monday afternoon.

Marion Kreiner Pool will open its gates at noon today. Washington Park Pool is slated to open at 1:00 p.m.

Meanwhile, Paradise Valley Pool opened to several excited swimmers on Saturday.

City of Casper aquatics supervisor Kristin Harns says Paradise Valley saw good-sized crowds over the weekend despite brisk weather early on.

“Saturday was a little bit cooler, so, for opening day, we didn’t have as many (people) as we probably would have if our temperatures would have been a little bit higher,” Harns said. “But, on Sunday, we had good numbers – lots of families and lots of kids.”

Marion Kreiner Pool will remain open until Aug. 10, while Washington Park Pool will remain open until Aug. 17. Paradise Valley Pool will close Aug. 18.

Extensive renovations will keep Mike Sedar Pool closed until 2014.