Moving forward on a shared geographic information data base for the city of Casper, Natrona County and all its municipalities should offer better data coordination, high quality mapping and cost savings. Assistant City Manager, Linda Witko, met with the county commission Tuesday to review details.

"There will be one new staff person, the GIO coordinator. The individual will be hired to manage this regional database and to work coordinating the efforts of of the entities that are contributing to that database."

They plan a trial one-year contract to start. Witko says they're excited about what will be highly accurate mapping- to within six inches- plus a chance to share data gathering. She says there's a 3-D component and options for virtual planning.

Public online access is also in the works.

The start up cost is around $100,000 to be split 60 percent with the city, 30 percent from the county, and another 10 percent from other Natrona County municipalities.