Casper Mountain Fire District made a pitch to Natrona County Commissioners this week for dollars to help purchase a bigger-faster pumper truck for the mountain.

Assistant Fire Chief, Brant Jungck  presented the proposal in light of an ever-increasing residential population on the mountain living in ever-larger and more expensive homes.

"At this time we just don't have another fire truck that can pump to our main fire truck. Because of the narrow roads and the accesses up there its hard to get everything into a very small area to fight a structure fire."

The proposal, Jungck says, is to purchase what's called a nurse tender or tender pumper valued at around $280,000. He describes it as a portable fire hydrant that could also be put to use county wide.

Commissioners expressed interest, but were non-committal noting tough economic times and reminding that Salt Creek Emergency Services were recently in requesting similar support for a new fire hall.

Casper Mountain Fire District was hoping to make a bid to the State Loans and Investment Board for matching funds next month.