Police arrest a Casper man who's suspect of reckless endangerment with a vehicle.

Around eight o'clock Tuesday night, Officers responded to the area of Second and McKinley Streets for the report of a disturbance involving a male subject who was attempting to run a female driver off the road.

According to police affidavit, Daniel Burgess is accused of ramming his Ford Taurus into the back of Jessica Poulain's Pontiac Grand Am.

Poulain reported to police that the two of them had broken up three months ago and had little contact with Burgess until a few days ago when he began to call her nonstop.

Poulain stated that she changed her phone number and avoided staying at her house fearing a confrontation.

Poulain was able to leave in her vehicle after Burgess allegedly made contact at her residence on Tuesday.

Burgess is suspect of aggressively chasing and rear-ending Poulain as she tried to get away. When Poulain pulled over, Burgess fled the scene when bystanders checked to see if she was alright.

At roughly two in the morning, Police found an intoxicated Burgess at the "Hideaway Bar" in Mills where a body search turned up a marijuana pipe.

Burgess was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, property damage, and possession of a controlled substance.