A Casper man accused of starting a fire that caused a small explosion has changed his plea in the case.

Skye Willow faces charges of 3rd Degree Arson and Burglary, in this case the burglary charge being defined as entering a structure with intent to commit 3rd degree arson.

Willow changed his plea to "guilty" on both charges as part of a plea deal.

Casper police say that Skye Willow was arrested after witnesses reported seeing Willow fleeing the area following a small explosion that happened in the entryway of a home in Central Casper.

Investigators believe the small explosion and fire was caused by Willow lighting a box on fire and opening the valves of oxygen tanks that were in that box.

Willow is currently being held on $25,000 bond. Judge Sullins continued the bond.

As part of the plea deal, prosecutors have agreed to recommend no more than a combined 6 years for both charges.