Casper Fire-EMS released its 2012 annual statistical report on Monday.

In the report, officials say the total number of fire calls fielded by area 911 dispatchers last year dropped five percent to 204, while total EMS calls climbed nine percent to 4,242.

Mark Young, the fire chief for the city of Casper, says the increase in EMS calls can be attributed to Casper’s recent population boom and the growing number of seniors in the area.

"In response to those numbers, we're going to be putting together some programs through our community risk reduction division and working with the hospital," Young said. "Maybe, there are some ways that we can intervene."

Young says the drop in fire calls can be attributed to various community fire education programs.

"We're doing, I believe, a really good job in the community when it comes to fire prevention efforts and education," Young said. "Those efforts are really helping to bring that trend line down."

According to the report, compared to figures from 2011, building fire calls dropped seven percent to 68, chimney fire calls spiked 50 percent to 3, vehicle fire calls were down eight percent to 24, wildland fire calls were up 16 percent to 44 and explosion calls fell 67 percent to one.

Meanwhile, EMS calls last year climbed 13 percent to 3,838, motor vehicle accident calls declined 19 percent to 362, vehicle extraction calls fell 17 percent to 5 and rescue calls jumped three percent to 37.

You can view the full report at the Casper Fire-EMS website.