Casper's fire chief is moving on to a bigger position.

Chief Mark Young has resigned his position after serving with Casper Fire EMS for 33-plus years, to take a position as Assistant State Fire Marshall.

He says the thing he'll take the most out of his time in Casper, was the bonding with all the guys he's worked with.

"When you're around quality people, it just rubs off on you and makes you better, so I just love the comradery, I love the service, I love giving back, and so my take-away is the brother-hood."

Chief Young says for those thinking about getting into a fire-fighting career, you have to accept the fact, that you're going to have to take some bad with the good.

"Do it for the right reason to begin with. Figure out where your satisfaction is going to come and if you're ok with your satisfaction being helping people and seeing that immediate gratification of, whether it's a fire, whether it's an emergency medical...and if that gives you satisfaction, then you're in the right line of work, and it doesn't work all the time."

The new Casper Fire EMS Chief is expected to be named within the next few days.