As a part of practical training for its paralegal program, Casper College offers some limited legal services.  Mary Kubichek, director of the Casper College Paralegal and Legal Service programs, says that even though they can only handle basic civil matters such as name changes, guardianships and uncontested divorces, the benefit is they have paralegal students train with actual cases.

And, Kubichek says, their legal services clinic with its service training for paralegals has been recognized for being innovative.

Innovative program:

"We've gotten national recognition because we're a prototype where the attorneys come to the college, unlike some of my colleagues in the paralegal world where they will have like a wills night where attorneys go and listen to people and maybe draft a will or just give legal advice, or maybe a family law night, but, we are the only place in the country where the attorneys come to us and the client ends up with a work product, so we're very proud of that."

It is just a clinic, done under the supervision of a practicing attorney, and they do have to carefully screen their cases, said Kubichek.

Licensed attorney supervision:

"We have a lot of checks and balances. We also, my colleague Craig Silva is the attorney in charge, and I also run any questions past him, and his firm also represents the college so they're very careful and very thorough."

Kubichek says a lot of what she does is referrals, and that's fine, too. The Legal Service program will be accepting new cases in January.