City Council Ward III lies generally east of Conwell street and Bryan Stock Trail in Casper.

One city council seat becomes available in Ward III in November. Three individuals are interested, one of which well be eliminated during the August primaries.

Here's an introduction to each of them.

Stephen Cathey is a small businessman who's lived in Casper since 1991.

"I have watched over the years what I would call the liberalization of the council and I think it's time to get back to our more conservative roots, so to speak."

Cathey says he believes city council needs to take a look at and re-evaluate government's position in relation to private business.

The full interview with Stephen Cathey is here.


Frank Robinson describes himself as a political newcomer who's been going door to door listening to peoples concerns.

"The big thing that I'm gonna bring to the table is a tight balanced budget. I'm extremely excited in the future to be working with the other council members in bringing more jobs to the city, safe schools, safe streets."

Robinson says he'll vote for what's best for the city and the citizens.

Listen here for the full interview.


Cordell Wistesen has been involved in Casper's civic and business community for many years.

"Casper has been a good town to us. It is a home town for me and my family. Feeling that, to keep the conservative nature of Casper going. That is why I'm running."

Wistesen says he'd like to be part of decisions surrounding the development of downtown and hopes to see a civic auditorium built.

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Follow this link to a Casper City Council Ward Map.