Five seats on Casper City council are up for election in November. The city of Casper is divided into three wards and citizens are allowed to vote only for the candidate representing the ward in which they live.

There are five individuals vying for the two seats open in Ward I, but only four candidates will be on the November ballot. One of the five will be eliminated from the running at the primary elections on August 21st.

Erik Aune is co-owner of the North Platte Lodge and the Reef-Fly shop.

"I've been thinking about and viewing things for quite a while in the Casper area. And based on my experience in the tourist business and my desire for a high quality of life that is really my focus on running for city council."

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Daniel Sandoval says he's probably best known as a Casper journalist.

"The reason I even got into the city council race in the first place is because I'm concerned that special interests are winning the fight against individual rights."

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Bob Hopkins in a retired mechanical engineer.

"When I was on the Planning and Zoning Commission for the city I was there when we first kind of got started with the OYD (Old Yellowstone District) So that's kind of a project that's close to my heart and I certainly want to see more development."

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Tim Hamre, is a former council man who wants to return to the position

"I'll listen to the people. I did that in my first term on council. I voted how my constituents wanted even when it differs from my view."

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Gary Yake has lived in Casper about 27 years and is currently living and working downtown.

"I think that we have a lot of opportunity in Casper and I'd like to see that continue. I just want to make sure that we're being conservative to the point that we're being fiscally sound."

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