Casper City Council will vote on entering into several outside legal agreements on Tuesday that would effectively launch investigations into possible conflict of interest violations against councilman Craig Hedquist.

Council will decide on entering into agreements with Casper attorneys Judy Studer and Kathleen Dixon to conduct an investigation into potential conflict of interest and other violations against Hedquist.

Dixon’s firm, Dixon & Dixon, recently drafted a report that says Hedquist committed workplace violence when he allegedly confronted a city engineer with profanity during an August construction meeting.

According to the report, Hedquist, who owns Hedquist Construction, was concerned that the city would require additional work that wasn’t contracted after several of his company’s Casper-based projects fell behind schedule.

Hedquist reportedly asked Beamer if he was "... f---ing going to stand up, b---h? Are you going to start paying?” Beamer also told Dixon & Dixon that Hedquist had a “challenging type of look” during the altercation.

Beamer, according to the report, recorded the meeting.

According to the council memo, Dixon’s firm will charge up to $440 an hour – that figure includes rates for partners, associates and paralegals.

Dixon & Dixon will charge the city a discounted rate of $175 an hour for Kathleen Dixon's services, $200 an hour for Patrick Dixon's services and $65 an hour for paralegals.

Studer’s firm will charge up to $670 an hour – $220 an hour for Studer, $200 an hour for firm partners, $150 an hour for firm associates and $100 an hour for paralegals.

According to the council memo, the city attorney's office is "unable to advise the city council on the proceedings associated with the investigations" because of Hedquist's "position in the organization" and because the city attorney's office is "conflicted out."

Council is scheduled to hold a regular meeting at 6:00 p.m. this Tuesday at Casper City Hall.