Casper City Council is getting closer to figuring out how to split up the $150,000 pot of money it set aside for community promotions this fiscal year.

Of the community promotions applicants requesting funding for 19 events, nearly $143,000 was requested in total.

$48,000 was requested in cash and $33,000 was requested in-kind. Facility use requests totaled nearly $62,000.

Casper mayor Kenyne Schlager said each individual council member will now decide how much will be allocated toward each event.

“If Organization A asks for $20,000, council may throw out numbers from $0 to $20,000,” Schlager said. “That’ll become the average, and that will, I guess, decide how much will be allocated.”

Councilors will submit their preferred event funding levels prior to council’s Sept. 17 regular meeting.

In August, council eliminated 17 events from funding consideration.


Organizations/events requesting funds:

- The Casper Amateur Hockey Club submitted a $43,728.00 request to offset costs associated with its upcoming hockey season.
- The Casper Figure Skating Club is asking $2,520.00 to put on its 2013 holiday show.
- Casper Marathon is asking for $1630.16 to help put on its annual marathon event.
- The Casper Downtown Development Authority is asking for $2972.96 for a downtown banner program.
- The Casper Soccer Club is asking for $2002.00 for its Casper Fall Classic, $1626.00 for its Casper Spring Jamboree and $11,850 for its Rocky Mountain Indoor Cup.
- The Central Wyoming Skating Association is asking for $4,080.00 for its annual spring ice show.
- The Community Recreation Foundation is asking for $14,466.00 for a crafts fair.
- The Downtown Casper Business Association is asking for $2,400.33 to help put on its annual Christmas parade and the Downtown Hot Air Balloon Festival.
- Nicolaysen Art Museum is asking for $21,649.96 for the 2014 Nic Fest.
- Special Olympics Wyoming is asking for $7,750.00 for its winter games event, $13,066.44 for next year’s fall tournament and $1,650.90 for the G. Michael Perry Softball Tournament.
- Stage III Community Theater is asking for $5,000.00 for the Middle Platte Renaissance Festival.
- Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps is asking for$1,375.00 for its annual dodgeball tournament.
- The Wyoming Fiddlers Association is asking for $1,000.00 to help put on the Rocky Mountain Regional Fiddlers Championship, a music festival and the Artisans’ Fair.
- The Wyoming Symphony Orchestra is asking for $2,500.00 for its upcoming concert season.