Casper City Council reviewed its criteria for helping facilitate certain community events at its Tuesday work session.

Councilors discussed whether to introduce a new round of questioning into its community promotions process where councilors would assess whether events mentioned in aid proposals would bring visitors or economic development to Casper.

Councilors would also consider whether the event in question would increase the use of city-based facilities, and whether the event would increase the quality of life for Casper residents.

If the event meets the majority of the recommended qualifications, councilors would then further evaluate the general need to aid the event through two additional rounds of scrutiny.

Casper mayor Kenyne Schlager says she favors the enhanced analysis.

“What we’re doing is tightening up the guidelines,” Schlager said. “Council, a lot of times, will hear that heartfelt story of need rather than being a little more accountable for the guidelines.”

Council has set aside $150,000 to aid community promotions for the 2014 fiscal year.