City councilors in Casper are considering repealing sections of the city’s liquor code.

Councilors are aiming to repeal entire portions of the city’s municipal code that deal with liquor sale licensing, demerit points, drive-up window sales, open container regulation, bottle club prohibition and regulation that dictates when exactly alcohol sales can happen within city limits.

But, if the revisions are passed, the regulations wouldn’t totally disappear.

Council vice president Paul Meyer says all of those laws already exist at the state level. He says the city is simply trying to remove redundancy between local code and state statute.

“They’re going to bring forward a resolution to delete the codes that state exactly what the state codes state just so the two are aligned,” Meyer said.

During council’s work session on Tuesday night, Ward I councilor Keith Goodenough said Wyoming cities and towns are in a position where elected officials can only strengthen the state law and not weaken it. He said he’ll support efforts to make the municipal code less redundant.

Meyer says council is aiming to pass the amended municipal code by the end of the year.