Casper City Council approved changes to the city’s DUI ordinance at its regular meeting Tuesday night.

Officials say the revisions aim to bring certain city regulations in line with current state law. The ordinance now says that judges will consider a defendant’s DUI history over 10 years instead of the previously outlined five-year period.

Casper mayor Kenyne Schlager, who voted in favor of the revisions, says changes had to be made.

“It needs to hurt a little bit to get somebody’s behavior to change,” Schlager said. “Obviously, we must be seeing a trend of people’s behavior not changing, so, when you don’t get the outcome you’re hoping for, then, I think, you need something that has more teeth in it so people take it seriously.”

Ward I councilman Daniel Sandoval voted against the revisions and says he doesn’t agree with certain mandatory sentencing requirements.

“I still don’t think you should tie the judge’s hands by mandating a sentence,” Sandoval said. “The judge’s job is to look at the individual points of every case and decide accordingly.”

Mayor Kenyne Schlager and councilmen Paul Meyer, Paul Bertoglio, Craig Hedquist, Steve Cathey, Charlie Powell and Bob Hopkins voted in favor of the revisions. Councilmen Daniel Sandoval and Keith Goodenough voted against the revisions.

The changes will take effect immediately.