Love will be in the air not just for one day, but for the weekend.

It is Valentine's day, and this year it falls on a Friday, which tends to make it extra special for love-birds.

It's also big for many downtown businesses, such as flower shops, candy stores, jewelrs and restaurants.

Mike Stepp with the Casper Downtown Development Authority and Donnell's Candies says the way that the 2014 calendar year shaped out to be, couldn't be better.

"It's perfect date night and it just works perfect when it works out for a weekend. It's always a little busier when it falls right on the Friday. We've had a lot of traffic in the store, and we've had a lot of people coming through with sacks from other stores. It's very busy and I'm sure that Friday is just going to be even more so."

Stepp says some companies can see anywhere from 10-to-15 percent of their yearly business take place, on or around Valentine's Day.