A Casper man has admitted he kidnapped his girlfriend among other charges.

Twenty-Seven year old Camden Lawlis has pleaded guilty to charges of kidnapping, aggravated assault, aggravated burglary and property destruction.

According to Casper Police, in mid-May, Lawlis entered his girlfriend's house through a window, then struck her and choked her, among other things.

When she attempted to escape, investigators say Lawlis caught her, and forced her into his vehicle and started driving.

Eventually she was able to escape and called police.

She was taken to the hospital to be checked on because she was pregnant with twins, and told officers that Lawlis is the father.

Another person told investigators that he was with Lawlis earlier, before the incident, and that Lawlis and him had been drinking.

Lawlis is being held on $250,000 bond, awaiting sentencing.

He could face up to twenty years in prison.