Both houses of the Wyoming legislature have voted to approve the supplemental budget bill.

The supplemental budget calls for spending roughly an additional $78 million on top of the $3.2 billion state funds budget lawmakers approved last year for the biennium that runs through mid-2014.The supplemental budget also includes roughly $61 million in budget reductions, the result of across-the-board budget cuts the legislature implemented last year. Senate Majority Floor Leader, Senator Phil Nicholas, says the University of Wyoming was treated fairly.

We did secure the entire $100 million dollars for the College of Engineering remodeling...

Senate Minority Whip, Senator Bernadine Craft says they didn't do enough for state employees, but she hopes they can do better in next year's budget session.

I don't want the state of Wyoming to be sending the message that we don't value our public employees...

Legislative leaders say the budget bill should go to Governor Matt Mead for his consideration on Tuesday. Governor Matt mead signed the gas tax bill Friday.

I think collectively as you see the vote upstairs, if we continue to take money out of the general fund, that's not done in isolation.

The tax hike will raise about $70 million a year after it takes effect on July 1.The Wyoming Department of Transportation will get about two thirds while local governments will get one third.

The state Senate has passed a bill that would develop a system to measure the performance of teachers, superintendents, principals and other educators. Senator Bill Landen says the bill is part of the state's ongoing education reform effort to better prepare Wyoming students for college and careers.

What we are going to try to do is figure out how we can evaluate our teachers in a good and meaningful way....

The bill heads back to the state house for consideration of senate changes, which include dropping the requirement of identifying specific teachers with student performance. Lawmakers have Monday off but will be back Tuesday morning.

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