The Bridger-Teton National Forest, having received concurrence from the Regional Office, will renovate and construct new facilities at the Jackson Administrative Site in downtown Jackson, Wyoming, which will include the Supervisor’s Office and the Jackson Ranger District Office.

The Forest has proceeded with offering 10-acres of the 15-acre downtown administrative site for sale in order to finance the construction of updated facilities, including office space, employee housing and warehousing. While the Forest had always committed to, at a minimum, retaining the Jackson Ranger District office in Jackson, the location of the Supervisor’s Office had been under some review. “After an analysis, and working with the Regional Office, we have agreed that retaining the administrative headquarters presence in the Jackson area is in the best interest of the Forest,” said Bridger-Teton Forest Supervisor Clint Kyhl.

The renovation and construction on the remaining 5-acres in Jackson will include the construction of a combined Supervisor’s Office and District Office, a new 4-unit flexible housing unit for permanent and seasonal employees, renovation of the existing district office into seasonal housing, and other fire and support facilities.