Natrona County Commissioners and other officials got a good work out Monday morning as they toured the lower east portions of the Bridle Trail that currently cut across private property. The tour was part of land negotiations as the county works to sort out access issues.

The walk of the trail by commissioners and their legal representatives crossed land owned by Russ Rauchfuss. Rauchfuss is ready to sell off about 20 acres to the county. Monday's meeting on the mountain will likely result in a memorandum of understanding and, assuming the purchase goes forward, it will start the process of bringing problematic sections of the trail to public ownership.

Dialogue with land owners started last summer following a series of incidents of abuse by trail users. One land owner threatened to cut off access completely. Negotiations continue on other stretches of the trail.

County Commission Chair, Ed Opella says the land purchase, if completed, will be paid for with part of a grant from the Natrona County Recreation Joint Powers Board.