Two years ago my friend Craig Warner and i started talking about the idea of taking the longest day of the year and celebrating with a long motorcycle ride. Sanctioned through the Iron Butt Association we picked the Saddle Sore 1000. This is a 1000 mile ride to be completed in 24 hours.

 Now before you think that we have lost our minds,this is a well thought out planthat we have put together with a number of rides to build the "iron butt" needed for the ride. This is the shortest of many rides sanctioned by the IBA, but it is the one that we thought that we could accomplish safely and also fit into a busy summer schedule. There are a number of steps for certification and the privelege of joining the other 50,000 members of the IBA. It all starts with a safe route, see attached pic. We start at 4;30 am here in Casper and with the forecast for late afternoon thunderstorms thru Nebraska we will head south on I-25 to Cheyenne, pick up I-80 and travel to the middle of Nebraska. At North Platte we will turn North, traveling thru Valentine and up to Murdo. A left hand turn there will put us on I-90. Thru Rapid City, Gillette and then Buffalo, we will turn south on I-25 finishing again in Casper some 16-18 hours later. Along the route we will save dated and timed  receipts showing our progression thru the day and with a witness statement at the beginning  and end we will have everything we will need for certification.

This summer Don Higbbee of Karst Motorsports wanted me to spend some time on the new Victory Cross Country, although i'm not sure he expected me to spend this much time. After having already spent 600 miles in the saddle on this amazing bike i expect nothing but great performance and relative comfort for this ride. But the again , i'll let you know.

Joining Craig and i on the trip will be Darren,Jon ,jeremey and Bart. I will have plenty of pics from the ride and no doubt a few stories as well. If you would like to follow the progression i will be doing facebook updates thruout the trip. Wish us well and join us at the Wonder Bar downtown Casper for a celebratory drink late Saturday!