A Natrona County man will spending time behind bars after not challenging accusations that he tried to enter a house and hit a woman in the head with an aluminum baseball bat.

Brian Jensen was sentenced to three-to-seven years in prison after he entered an Alford Plea to one charge of aggravated assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

Investigators with the Evansville Police Department say in middle July 2015, Jensen tried to enter a house on the 400 block of Evans Street.

The female victim said he was there to collect some money from her boyfriend, and she attempted to reason with him at the front door.

Witnesses told police that as soon as the door was opened, Jensen hit the victim at least twice in the head with a bat and then left the area a short time later.

An Alford Plea is not an admission of guilt, but it acknowledges that prosecutors have enough evidence and/or testimony to get a guilty verdict from a jury, had the case gone to trial.