A Casper man on trial for trying to chase down his wife so he could try to reconcile his marriage, admits that he violated a protection order, but trying to kill her was not the plan.

Clint Webb testified that after he and his wife Julie drove past each other at the intersection of 2nd and Walsh, minutes before the main scene unfolded at 12th and Payne Streets, he briefly yelled an obscenity at her, and he knew that violated a protection order that was already in place.

Clint said he got to 12th and Payne Streets before Julie did, then ran the stop sign and he pulled out in front of her, in an effort to get her to stop, because she had room to stop, but she ended up hitting him.

He said he did it, because he wanted to talk to her about a recent divorce filing.

Clint said at first he left the scene, then decided to go back via circling around the block, because he felt it was what he should do.

He then panicked when he saw all the congestion of cars and people at the scene, and wanted to get out of the area, so he drove across a lawn on the southwest corner of 12th and Payne.

When he did that, at first there were no people in the way, then Julie appeared and had to avoid getting hit.

Clint claimed he had little room to maneuver his vehicle, and the steering was not that good, because of the damage his vehicle sustained when Julie hit him, and he ended up sideswiping another vehicle in the process.

In cross examination the prosecution said Clint had a number of opportunities to take other courses of action and/or turn himself in, before, during and after he got another vehicle and drove to Las Vegas.

Both sides have rested their case in the trial.

On Friday, July 31st, the jury will hear closing arguments from both sides, before deliberating on a verdict on one charge of attempted second degree murder, two charges of aggravated assault, and one charge of property damage.