A Casper woman is accused of stabbing a former boy-friend.

Twenty-three year old Bobbi Humpreys is charged with one count of aggravated assault.

According to investigators, the victim, Randy Kanaly, said Humpreys visited his residence Tuesday afternoon (January 8th) and the two got into an argument.

Afterwards, Kanaly said Humpreys stabbed him in the back and then left the scene.

An officer was able to locate the wound on Kanaly.

In an interview with police, Humpreys said she had received a text message from Kanaly asking her to come to his residence.

She was able to verify that there was an argument, and also said that Kanaly hit her in the face.

One witness told police he saw the argument take place and saw Kanaly hit Humpreys.

Officers were unable to locate the knife and all text messages that Humpreys had received had been erased.

In the police report, the investigator stated that Humpreys was very calm while speaking, as if the conversation and answers had been rehearsed.

Humpreys is being held on $2,500 bond awaiting trial and could face up to ten years in prison if convicted.