The CEO at the Casper-Area Convention and Visitors Bureau says he hopes to apply his love of statistics during a 2 year term to the Regional Tourism Board of Directors. Aaron McCreight's appointment was recently announced and he says the board term will provide time to share ideas and network, plus learn how to get the most out of the association when it comes to promoting Casper and Natrona County. McCreight says as a board member he'd like to be assigned to something connected to research within the industry.

"I feel like if you don't have research then you shouldn't spend a dollar in advertising and marketing - if you don't know who your advertising to. I feel like research is really undervalued in our industry."

At the local Convention and Visitors Bureau meeting this week they talked about developments on a new website that should help McCreight gather the kind of information about visitors that he wants. They'll incorporate a system called Jackrabbit that provides an information matrix on website visitors. "As we speak we're completely tearing down our site and building up a new one and it's gonna be so cool." McCreight says the new website should get its unveiling in January.

Meantime, he has his first meeting with the regional tourism board next month.