The Bureau of Land Management offers Christmas tree permits for sale every year.

Cindy Wertz, public affairs specialist with the BLM, says permits are good for up to five trees, though the number allowed varies by field office.

"You simply need to go into a BLM office and talk to the information people and they can get a permit for you. They range between $5 and $10 dollars depending on the area and the size of the tree your interested in."

Wertz says you can cut any tree, with some height limitations, as long as its in the prescribed area on BLM land.

"We really recommend Sub-alpine Fir, Douglas Fir, Log Pole Pine as some of the best species for your Christmas Tree."

She says it's the permit holders responsibility to know where they are at all times.

"Please make sure your not on private land or Forest Service land. You do need a permit in  their areas and some of our BLM offices  offer Forest Service permits for sale."

Tree cutters must have a valid permit with them while cutting a tree. Trees may not be cut within a wilderness area, timber sale area, or developed campgrounds.

Permits can be purchased between 8  and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday from any BLM Wyoming field office.