The Wyoming legislature will consider some contentious issues this week. The lottery bill will be considered by the full Senate this week and many predict any vote on that bill will be close.The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to consider two gun bills on Wednesday morning.One of the gun bills would expand an existing provision in state law that bans local governments from enacting any gun-control measures of their own.The other bill would seek to specify that any federal ban on assault weapons or high-capacity ammunition magazines wouldn't be valid in Wyoming.It would also specify that any federal officials who tried to enforce such a ban would be guilty of a misdemeanor, a provision some critics say is unconstitutional.

A bill that would make human trafficking a crime in Wyoming needs two more votes in the Senate to pass the legislature,as does a bill that would put caps on spending for political action committees.

Legislative leaders say Governor Mead will receive the supplemental budget bill Tuesday.Representative Steve Harshman, co-chairman of the Joint Appropriations Committee says, the budget reflects the legislature's commitment to looking long term.

That;s going to be part of our work as a joint committee on interim topics. We'll have to have a discussion about how big do we want to grow the LSRA....

Lawmakers say they have done several things this session to help spur economic development in the state.House Majority Whip Representative Tim Stubson says a bill that would deregulate telecom in the state is one example.

Looking at and recognizing there are areas in our state where VoIP and new technologies are taking hold and it doesn't make sense to regulate them through the state's regulatory mechanisms...

Stubson also talked about the legislature's comprehensive approach to natural gas, the bill that will allow nuclear waste storage in the state as long as it is in conjunction with power generation and efforts to add value to the state's uranium production.

Governor Mead signed a bill Friday that would authorize the modification or suspension of certain requirements for limited mining operations.Senator Eli Bebout, co-chairman of the Joint Appropriations Committee,says it's a bill that will help both WYDOT and contractors in the state.

This is a good bill because its the culmination of working with the contractors association and the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality and all people concerned to come up with some changes to the limited mining definition....


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