Living in Wyoming, we sometimes take for granted the wonderful opportunities that we have to experience the great outdoors on a daily basis. With that in mind, here are five of the best outdoor activities around Casper (a couple of which you might not have thought of yourself).

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    Wind River Canyon

    Located in central Wyoming on U.S. Highway 20, on your way to the northern part of the state. I think one of the most beautiful stretches of highway in the state. You can stop, have a picnic at one of the areas of the canyon, do some fishing in the Wind River, but most of all just take in scenic beauty of the canyon.

    Slideshow Bruce, flickr
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    Ayres Natural Bridge

    Found just off of I-25 between Glenrock and Douglas. Located about a mile south of the Oregon Trail the Natural Bridge was often visited by emigrants traveling west. It is considered one of Wyoming's first tourists attractions. Today it is a great getaway for the afternoon and if you like to do some camping, they do have some sites. The Boxelder Creek flows through the site. Families have reunions there and you can even do some fly fishing if you want. Feel like getting away from animals for awhile, don't worry, there are no pets permitted at Ayres Natural Bridge. Open 8am to 8pm daily, it is truly a nice place to enjoy the day and simply get away from everything.

    Bruce Dougherty, K2 Radio
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    Casper Ghosts Baseball

    It's the best game in town, and as a member of the Media, I just happen to get in for FREE. But that's not only why I like going to a Casper Ghosts Baseball game. It's great for the entire family. Not only the game itself, they have something going on in between innings for the kids to participate. And what better place to eat a hot dog and a cool drink than at a baseball game and watching the future stars of the Colorado Rockies at Mike Lansing Field. GO GHOSTS!!!

    Nick Perkins, AM 1400 ESPN
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    Glenrock Golf Course

    For you golfers, may I suggest the Glenrock Golf Course. Located on the edge of Glenrock, just off of I-25. A hilly and challenging 9-hole course - keep it straight, and you'll do just fine. I know, sometimes easier said then done. It is a beautiful course and people from throughout the area come to play at this course each year. Tony Lehner keeps this golf course in tip top shape each and every year and has done so for 20 plus years.

    Bruce Dougherty, K2 Radio
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    Casper Mountain

    At one time or another most everyone has enjoyed Casper Mountain. During the summer, the possibilities truly are endless. "The Falls" at Rotary Park, 4-wheeling, an archery range, camping, mountain biking, hiking, the list goes on and on. And of course, I have to mention the highlight event of the summer, Beartrap Summer Festival!

    Bruce Dougherty, K2 Radio