Law enforcement is looking for a Casper man who admitted that he was making counterfeit money.

A bench warrant has been issued for Alexander Locicero because he did not appear for his sentencing hearing, in a case where he pleaded guilty to one charge of possession of forged writing and forgery devices.

Natrona County Prosecutors say he was arrested in June 2016 for shoplifting and trespassing and again in July for driving under suspension, which are both violations of his plea deal.

Investigators with the Casper Police Department say in January 2016, a pizza delivery employee informed them, that she had received two counterfeit $20 bills from a recent delivery.

She was able to tell that the paper did not feel right, and both bills had the same serial number.

When police found the man that they were looking for, Locicero removed a stack of folded bills from his pocket, which all had the same serial number.

He then admitted to what he had done, saying he had a printer and scanner and other equipment to make the bogus money, which was later seized by police.

Locicero added that the pizza delivery was the only time he had used the counterfeit money, before he got caught.

Originally, prosecutors were going to seek a suspended prison sentence with probation time for Locicero, however, with his recent arrests and no show to court, they could pull the plea deal off of the table, and ask for the maximum sentence of five years in prison, and Locicero would not be able to withdraw his guilty plea.