Bee keepers noticed a slow down in bee colony loss this last winter. Losses were around 20 percent as compared to 30 percent over the last few winters.

Agriculture officials say that's an improvement, but it's too soon to say if it's a trend toward bee colony health.

USDA Researcher, Dr Jeff Pettis says scientists think the weather played a part.

"One of the things were pointing to this year is that last winter was particularly mild- The fourth warmest January on record for the continental U.S.. So that would be good for bees. I mean, they don't need to use as much resource and its not as long a winter."

So losses were down for bee keepers, but he says one better year does not make a trend.

Pettis says researchers will be looking for indications of a better year in 2012 for bee colonies that's not dependent on warmer weather.