The U.S South Korea Free Trade Agreement that's about to be sent to congress for hearings and ratifications does not require Korea to open up its markets to all cuts of U.S. Beef from animals of all ages.

Montana Senator, Max Baucus, who sits on the Ag Committee and chairs the Finance Committee doesn't like the restrictions.

"I don't know why I should schedule a Korean F-T-A that does not include all beef, all ages, all cuts."

Ag Secretary, Tom Vilsack however, told reporters this week.

"What we need to be doing is making sure that Chairman Baucus and other members of the committee are fully aware of the expanded opportunities that this represents for American agriculture in a variety of products including beef. Your talking about an additional 1.8 billion dollars in additional trade opportunities and 16 thousand jobs. These are benefits that can happen right away. These are benefits that we can be seen immediately."

Vilsack says the agreement would open the pathways for Korea to, later on, fully open its market to U.S Beef.