Each year thousands of Wyoming citizens led by local birders participate in one or more of the twenty-two plus Christmas Bird Counts held in Wyoming. This Sunday, January 1st, birders will gather at the Bates Hole Creek area home of Senator Charles Scott.

"Well be looking primarily for Golden Eagles, which we have a fair number of around here. We'll try to find our Sage Grouse and try to take a census of all the birds. This count is interesting because we're entirely rural. Our birds are kind of different than Casper because of that."

Sunday's participants will meet at dawn to get an early start.  Scott says the count is open to anyone interested, not just avid birders, though you may become one once you get a taste.

He says there are different ways to participate depending on your stamina.

"Some people will only come for half a day. We've got everything from riding in cars and looking for eagles to walking the creek and getting some real exercise. It just depends on what you want."

The Bates Hole Creek area where the bird count takes place is about three miles south of Wyoming Hwy 220 on Hwy 487.

If your interested in taking part this Sunday, January 1st, you can call Senator Scott at 473 2512 for details and directions. He says evenings or early mornings are the best time to reach him.