CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — A federal judge in Wyoming says a 40-year-old Australian man will likely be deported after he serves a nearly six-year sentenced for robbing a bank in Jackson.

Corey Donaldson represented himself at his trial and likened himself to Robin Hood. He said he was justified in taking over $140,000 from U.S. Bank on Dec. 31 because he used much of the cash to save the lives of homeless people.

He also apologized for terrifying the bank manager by falsely claiming the bank building was rigged with explosives.

Donaldson was arrested on Jan. 22 in Utah. Officers recovered more than $30,000 from Donaldson and in a room he had rented in an upscale hotel.

At trial, officers testified they found $11,000 stuffed into envelopes and addressed to Donaldson's relatives.