A Casper man is now admitting his role in a gun incident.

Eighteen-year-old Austin Ideen entered a guilty plea on one charge of possession of a deadly weapon with unlawful intent.

Investigators say in October, Ideen, along with Jordan Flock and others, showed up at Taylor Few’s apartment.

Once they entered, Few said he saw one man holding a shotgun and Few’s roommate was able to wrestle it away from him.

Few said he and Flock had gotten into an argument the night before over a woman, and Flock said he’d be back.

Ideen told police that the confrontation was a scare tactic aimed at Few.

The gun did not go off during the confrontation and no one was injured.

Ideen is free on $20,000 bond and will be sentenced at a later date.

flock has pleaded not guilty to similar charges.