A mule deer poaching, this time in Converse county north of Rolling Hills, is under investigation and wildlife officials are asking for information.

Robin Kepple, spokesperson for the Casper Game and Fish offices says the animal was shot with a small calibre rifle and found dead off of 55 Ranch Road in Hunt Area 22.  "We believe this animal was shot sometime on the night of October 3rd. Our Glenrock game warden was contacted about the abandoned mule deer buck on October 4th."

Kepple says there are a lot of hunters in the area, which is about 14 miles north of Rolling Hills. Game officials hope someone may be able to provide information regarding the incident.

If you have information on this or any wildlife crime you're urged to call the Stop Poaching Tip Line at 877-WGFD-TIP. Rewards are possible and informants can remain anonymous.