Allegiant Air has grounded 30 of its MD80s after discovering a compliance issue with the aircraft’s escape slides.

The finding was made by mechanics just days after 150 passengers and crew evacuated an Allegiant MD80 on the tarmac of McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.

Allegiant says it will cancel and reschedule several of its flights over the next few days.

Casper-Natrona County International Airport manager Glenn Januska says, however, that Allegiant’s decision will not affect Casper-based service.

“The last couple of years, Allegiant has done what’s called a seasonal stoppage, where they cease flying out of Casper to Las Vegas in the beginning of August,” Januska said. “Right now, anything that’s happening with their fleet doesn’t have an impact on the airport here.”

Allegiant utilizes MD80s on its Casper to Las Vegas route.

In a press release, Allegiant Travel Company president Andrew Levy apologized for future service disruptions and says mechanics are working around-the-clock to ensure passenger safety.

Allegiant officials say they expect to return the aircraft to service by the end of the month after reinspection. They also say flight schedules will be disrupted indefinitely.