Optic Fibre for the Business Park at Natrona County/Casper International Airport,  but not to the Logistics hub; that was the call as airport officials this week finalized an application for funding that would hopefully pay for it.

Airport Manager, Glen Januska, along with members of the airport board outlined their intentions to the Natrona County Commission to apply for a Business Ready Community Grant of about $617,000 thousand plus a land and cash match from the airport. Januska says lack of connectivity for the business park has been a problem.

"Its been difficult not only to meet the needs of existing business out at the airport, but as we look at developing the business park and attracting more business it makes it even harder to bring a business in when you don't have high speed connectivity, which is almost a staple for most business now days."

Januska says they hope to put in about 30,000 feet of optic fibre cable. Their original plan had called for additional cable to run out to the Logistics Hub, but that was scaled back out of concern it would jeapardize the grant.

Commissioners agreed to support the application and will consider it formally at next Tuesday's Regular Meeting.