If you've been on the fence about donating to help out victims of the Sheep Herder Hill fire, doing so could make you the first.

As of Monday, according to Rachel Chadderdon at Serve Wyoming, that agency has yet to receive any monetary donations. She says offers to volunteer to help with cleanup are slowly trickling in.

"We are starting to get a few requests on both sides. Both individuals saying their available, willing to help where needed, as well as property owners that are starting to be able to assess what they really need."

Chadderdon says some of the cleanup may require special skills or ability to work with hazardous waste. She says one specialty cleanup firm has offered a 50 percent reduction in their fees.

As for monetary donations, she says local agencies have agreed to channel any donations through Serve Wyoming, because they are best suited to receive, assess and distribute fire funds should they come in.

Contact Serve Wyoming, 866-737-8304, for more information on making a tax deductible contribution.