A group dubbing itself  '307 First' kicked off a campaign in Casper Thursday that looks to spread the message,"Buy Wyoming, Hire Wyoming".

307 First board member, Charles Cloud, says its about changing the way people think when they spend their money. Cloud says they're aiming first at the individual but they want state government to catch on.

"Its the man on the street that is the board member, the city council person and if we can change the views of that man on the street it will flow upwards to the different boards and commissions and other things that spend government money or big chunks of money at one time."

Cloud says the backbone of 307 First will be a member-driven website with three levels of membership, from free limited-access, to dues paying individual and business memberships. The membership form promises news and info on legislative and regulatory issues, special deals and discounts and a centralized location for business networking.

Cloud says they're starting strictly grassroots and have no intention of lobbying at the legislative budget session that starts February 13th.