State Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill testified for about three hours Wednesday before the Select Investigative Committee, which is looking into whether she committed any impeachable offenses when she ran the agency in 2011 and 2012. Hill was the last of 16 witnesses to testify before the committee.

Hill was asked why so many people left the agency after she took over in 2011. Hill testified that she believed the attrition was due to the change in administration as well a change in philosophy. She also said she believed there was an effort by people outside the department to encourage people to leave the agency.

Hill refuted testimony from previous witnesses who claimed the department broke federal rules, and possibly violated the law, by misusing federal grant money. Other testimony centered around the use of a separate federal grant that was used for Fremont County School District 38 on the Wind River Reservation. Hill testified she did nothing illegal.

Hill has been removed as head of the Department of Education by a state law passed last year. The committee plans further meetings, including possibly hearing from more witnesses.