JACKSON, Wyo. (AP) — Wildlife officials say nearly 30 percent of Jackson Hole's 850 bison were harvested during the 2013-14 hunt, which ended last Sunday.

By the time the five-month-long season came to a close, 234 bison had been reported killed to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. That total — which could still increase a bit as the last reports come in — is the highest in five years.

The Jackson Hole News & Guide reports that's a sizable step toward managers' population objective of 500.

A 2007 plan for Jackson Hole's elk and bison herds called for reducing bison numbers in the valley to 500 by 2022. A smaller population is desirable because it will bring the herd size more into alignment with natural forage production on the National Elk Refuge, where the bison also winter.