One person was injured and a 17-mile stretch of interstate 25 was closed on Sunday (October 2nd) due a tractor-trailer collision.

According to the Wyoming Highway Patrol, at around 2:30pm, a fuel truck and a hay truck were both traveling south-bound on I-25 between Casper and Glenrock, when the fuel truck driver misjudged the amount of clearance room that he had, when he went to change lanes.

Instead of using an actual exit to turn around, he decided to use one of the dirt turn-a rounds in the median, that patrol cars use.

When he did so, he pulled right in front of another tractor trailer that was hauling a large load of hay and they collided.

After talking with both drivers and with witness, the Highway Patrol determined that both trailers were in the right hand lane, when the fuel tank driver swerved to the right.

The hay truck driver thought that the other driver was doing it to pull over, so he changed lanes to go around.

The fuel truck driver thought he had enough room to make his U-turn, but by the time he realized the truth, the collision had already happened.

The was a small fuel spill which was quickly contained by emergency crews.

The Highway Patrol had to close both lanes of South-Bound I-25 between Casper and Glenrock, for about 4 hours to clean up the mess of both fuel and hay.

The hay truck driver was taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

The fuel truck driver has been cited for improper lane use, and the patrol says he will probably also be cited with making an illegal U-turn.