When the lights came up at the conclusion of all of the short films being presented at the 14th Annual Wyoming High School Short Film Festival, people weren't sure how to react. They applauded, of course, but there was something in the air and there was a single thought that was running through the mind of all of the theatre-goers. That thought was: 'We just witnessed a lot of talent.'

Whether it was a documentary, a music video, a narrative piece, or something else, the students of Casper Wyoming showed that, should they choose to further pursue a career in film making, they will be a force to be reckoned with.

Judges from all different fields in the world of movies and television were on hand to offer workshops,  advice, and of course, praise to the students of Kelly Walsh and Natrona County High School. Though all of the films were wonderful, there was one film that took home the most awards on that night. It was called Speechless, and that's exactly the state that it left it's audience at the film's conclusion.

Check out these pics from the Awards Ceremony.