A $13.25 Million Settlement with Direct TV means about $185,000  dollars to Wyoming customers who experienced deceptive advertising and other problems with the satellite TV provider.

The Wyoming Attorney General's Office announced the multi-state settlement earlier this week.

"The state had received complaints that Direct TV did not clearly disclose to consumers the terms of its contracts and so the Attorney General in January filed a complaint in Laramie County District Court against Direct TV alleging violations of the Wyoming Consumer Protection Act."

Kristin Nuss, Assistant Attorney General for Wyoming, says the allegations of deceptive and unfair sales practices by Direct TV include failure to disclose to consumers the price they would be charged and failure to provide a clear commitment term that the consumer would be required to keep..

"They also did not clearly disclose the limitations on getting a certain price for Direct TV such as promotional offers and they enrolled consumers in additional contracts or contract terms without disclosing those terms to the consumers."

Customers also complained of being offered cash back that came, instead, as a credit.  The settlement requires Direct TV to change its marketing practices and to replace defective leased equipment at no cost except for shipping.

Nuss says if you have already complained to the Attorney General's office you will need to resubmit that complaint.

"As a result of this settlement and this restitution program  those consumers should resubmit the complaint through the Attorney General's office. We, in turn, send them to Direct TV marked as a resubmitted claim so that Direct TV can take action on those claims.

Customers should contact the Wyoming Attorney Generals office by calling 307 777 5833 or follow this link...