A Casper substance abuse recovery organization will receive $150,000 over three years for its new job training program.

Officials with the 12-24 Club formally established “Project ReGain” at a press conference Thursday. 12-24 Club officials say the program aims to "help those in recovery regain self-acceptance, regain self-worth, regain hope and regain strength."

Heidi Foy, the 12-24 Club’s executive director, says the initial donation has guaranteed stability for the upstart program.

We had originally written a two-year pilot program - this announcement really has sustained the program in the first two minutes of its introduction into the community," Foy said. "I'm completely overwhelmed and grateful for this support."

Rhonda Zimmerman will donate the initial $150,000 toward “Project ReGain.” She says the new program will be a critical component within Casper’s substance abuse recovery community.

It's a donation that comes from my heart," Zimmerman said. "I think it's something that we need in the community and it needs enough time to go on so it can prove that it's a project that's going to work."

12-24 Club officials say the donation will cover half of the operating expenses associated with “Project ReGain” over its first three years of existence. Foy says, however, that the 12-24 Club is still looking for donations from individuals and businesses within the community to help cover the rest of the program's expenses.

The program will begin in January of 2013.